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“I have been a customer of AutoNote Solutions for over five years. Unlike many buy here pay here lenders, they took the time to get to know my business and how we operate. As a result, they have been very responsive to our needs as we continue to grow the business. They stop short of nothing to help me. I believe good business is all about developing good customer relationships and maintaining those relationships over time.”
Kendal L. - Lawndale, CA
“I highly recommend Auto Note Solutions to anyone that is looking to raise cash using accounts as collateral, but does not want to sell the entire portfolio. Friendly, responsive service makes their program simple and effective for growing my business. Thanks, Auto Note Solutions.”
Marcus V. - Baton Rouge, LA
“AutoNote Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our company. They have given me access to banks that I couldn’t have gotten without them.”
Christopher N. - Shawnee, OK
“It’s been a great pleasure doing business with Auto Note Solutions. Everyone is always helpful. They all treat us like more than just another customer , they treat us like friends and family.”
Stewart B. - Collinsville, IL
“I wanted to commend Auto Note Solutions, on their level of service. They were very informative and honest, Thank you again for all your efforts! “
Nigel B. - Waco, TX
“The service has been outstanding but the results have been even better. We are thrilled to be doing business with AutoNote Solutions.”
Michael W. - Hattiesburg, MS
“Working with AutoNote Solutions has allowed me to increase the size of my portfolio tenfold without draining all my working capital.”
Chris H. - Huntsville, TX
“We desperately searched for a credit line with affordable rates for months, with no success. One call from AutoNote Solutions may have literally saved our dealership.”
William J. - Oklahoma City, OK