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Looking to sell your auto loans? We Can help.

The auto loan note bulk purchase program from AutoNote Solutions is trusted by thousands of BHPH auto dealers looking to sell their auto notes for an instant cash payment.

For BHPH auto dealers, more lot traffic usually means more sales. More sales demand more inventory, which in turn demands more cash. Selling your auto notes with AutoNote Solutions will make your dealership financially liquid, profitable and ready to contend with subprime finance companies, credit unions and franchised dealers in this highly competitive marketplace by getting the cash you need to keep buying inventory and keep selling more cars.

Real Advantages for BHPH Dealers

  • Enjoy a healthy cash flow for your dealership
  • Have the capital to grow or to increase inventory right away
  • Reduce capital exposure on outstanding debt
  • Reduce servicing overhead costs by selling your auto loans in bulk
  • Increase the operational efficiency of your auto dealer
  • Buy more inventory to sell more cars
  • Increase the number of customers you sell cars to
  • Eliminate the need for Bank Loans or SBA Loan
  • Focus on selling more cars and less time collecting payments
  • Become a very profitable auto dealer quickly

Selling your Auto Loan Receivables in bulk has its benefits.

Get your dealer on the path of profitability


Our process is trusted by BHPH dealers nationwide

The auto loan bulk purchase program from AutoNote Solutions is trusted by hundreds of buy-here pay-here auto dealers nationwide. We maintains close relationship with top financial institutions that offer the best quote for auto note portfolios. The following process outlines in detail our strategic approach to getting dealers a fast cash payment for their auto note paper throught our premier auto loan bulk purchase program:

First Step

Our team of well-trained professionals conducts market research to properly determine the best fit in terms of a dealer or finance company and as a prospective client for our company’s services.  Our strategy entails surveying potential clients to assist them in assessing their options with us to see if we have solutions that will effectively benefit their needs.  This course of action supports our clients understanding of the industry at the national and local levels.

Second Step

Our next step for our qualified clients entail requesting an electronic data file from them.  This file contains all of the relevant data fields on the client’s account receivables.  As a result of our work in this area, we arrange to use a feature known as DMS (Dealer Management Systems.) Should this feature not be available we have other means of obtaining that data to serve the same purpose (Such as a onsite evaluation where we will create a excel file manually) However, DMS is the most effective and preferred method and quickest data system to establish a price for the not receivables.

Third Step

Our third step entails evaluating the best fit for our qualified client and the potential buyers based on their needs and desires.  We look at the various programs geographically available in a specific auto market place.  Clearly, our job is to do much more than just submitting a portfolio for pricing to one of our buyers and then let the process proceed without our input and assistance to both parties (Our client and the prospective buyer) We approach this third step in the process by building a strong case for our clients. Our goal is to generate optimal results for our clients by negotiating in their best interest with our lenders.

Fourth Step

At the fourth and final step in the process, we ask our potential buyers to submit a letter of intent (LOI) within 24 to 48 hours upon receiving the file.  The scope of the LOI is to clearly indicate the rates and terms of the prospective agreement between our client and the buyer.  The next step at this stage of the process entails determining the buyer’s preferences after signing the LOI.  Some buyers may arrange to meet our client at the dealership or simply to arrange for sending essential documents that indicate the accounts for purchase.  Then the due diligence process is completed.  The final procedure focuses on completing the purchase agreement, which is then signed by the buyer and the seller.  Ultimately, the method of payment, usually a bank electronic wire transfer.  We advise our clients that the fourth step usually takes approximately 5 to 7 business days which ultimately depends if all dealer documents are received by lender and there are no exceptions in place.




  • Accounts must be aged at least 90 days (excluding pick-up payments)
  • Customers should have a working phone and verifiable employment
  • Accounts must have a remaining term of 36 months or less
  • Our lending partners can purchase seasoned and non-seasoned accounts (90 days of seasoning will ensure maximum pricing with minimal recourse)
  • Minimum number of accounts for submission 10


If you currently do not use a DMS system (Dealer Management System), the following documentation is needed in order to evaluate the accounts in your auto note portfolio:

  • Copy of Customer’s Credit Application
  • Copy of Bill of Sale/Buyer’s Order
  • Copy of Retail Installment Sales Contract
  • Payment History


To speed up the process you can easily upload your auto note portfolio as an Excel file format from your DMS (Dealer Management Software – i.e. Finance Express, Frazer, etc). to our Secure Website. Once a file submission has been received, it will take less than 36 hours to process and reply back with a cash offer for your notes.




Frequently asked questions about auto note sales, when to sell and why to sell them. Learn more on how to turn your BHPH receivables into liquid cash to grow your business. If you prefer a personalized 1:1 session, contact us today to schedule a professional consultation by AutoNote Solutions.

An advantage in working with our lenders is they will except bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly customer contract payment plans.
Because we know how important it is to meet your cash flow concerns, our company has a reputation for seeking funding on a timely matter and in most cases we can secure funding on a nearly immediate basis. Our Typical funding after the LOI (Letter of Intent) is signed usually takes 5 to 7 business days based on our experience over 40 years the deal is usually closed.
Unlike some of our competitors, our lenders have no restrictions concerning a vehicle’s mileage, the types of vehicles; (But these factors can determine you bottom line pricing).
Our lenders professional staff will work with you and your staff to provide advice on effective ways to generate repeat business (They will provide your dealership with excel reports showing your customers payment histories, updated phone numbers and most important 3 to 4 months before the contract is paid off they will send you a report outlining the customers that are reaching the end of their loan so you can communicate with them and see if they would like to trade their vehicle in and purchase and new vehicle through your establishment.  This they will gladly do as they want your business to continue to grow which will eventually build a long and lasting relationship with the lender).
The Auto Note Solutions sales team of professionals are very experienced at negotiating the best possible price on the behalf of our clients (But at any time our clients can communicate our lending partners to negotiate a better price or even ask questions directly with our lenders).  AutoNote Solutions is a fully transparent company.
Because we have high standards, we offer our clients the “no recourse” “no reserve.” program.
Yes, in fact, our lending partners can liquidate an entire portfolio if you wish that arrangement.
AutoNote Solutions lending partners can purchase nearly any auto portfolio, such as: rental car portfolios, prime and deep subprime (also known as Buy-Here-Pay-Here) our lenders can also purchase finance company paper and RV note receivables.
No, our company does not require minimum or maximum portfolio restrictions.
Our Company has established significant credibility in the buying market with our lenders, and as a result, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s highest ranking banks, investors and finance companies.

“I am well known for my experience and expertise in autonote sales processing, underwriting, quality control and credit line servicing. But above all, my dedication to building long lasting and profitable relationships with my clients.”


“I highly recommend Auto Note Solutions to anyone that is looking to raise cash using accounts as collateral, but does not want to sell the entire portfolio. Friendly, responsive service makes their program simple and effective for growing my business. Thanks, Auto Note Solutions.”
Marcus V. • Baton Rouge, LA
“It’s been a great pleasure doing business with Auto Note Solutions. Everyone is always helpful. They all treat us like more than just another customer , they treat us like friends and family.”
Stewart B. - Collinsville, IL

Sell Auto Notes with AutoNote Solutions

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