TCI to Integrate TransUnion’s ID Manager

Lock and keyTeledata Communications Inc. will integrate TransUnion’s ID Manager fraud detection solution into its DecisionLender 4.0 loan origination platform, Bill Nass, TCI president, told Auto Finance News. The integrated platform is slated for release by the end of the second quarter.

TransUnion’s ID Manager processes data from hundreds of credit and non-credit sources that is incorporated within the DecisionLender 4.0 platform, providing online lenders immediate insight into the authenticity of applicants to help mitigate potential fraud and expedite the loan approval and origination processes, Nass said.

The ID Manager component will also enable lenders “to streamline the process where they don’t require customers to come into the

[financial provider’s] branch or to provide copies of their driver’s licenses,” Nass said.

Most auto lenders provide financing through their partnered dealers, but for online lenders the ID Manager is a critical component, he said. “The dealer has the consumer in front of them so they have already vetted the consumer. When someone is applying for a loan on the internet, it’s different — you need tools to understand if this customer is real.”

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